Veterans Affairs

The State of Michigan and the federal government both have comprehensive websites that provide veterans a wealth of information on topics such as veterans' benefits, employment opportunities and recent legislation affecting the 700,000 veterans in this state. 

To inquire and take advantage of the resources offered to Michigan veterans and their families; please visit the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs website at  For example:


Obtain information on state military retirement benefits

Contact local veteran representatives  

Obtain copies of military records and awards

Learn about Michigan Veterans Homes in Grand Rapids and Marquette

Obtain instructions and forms for filing a 1040CR-2 for the Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim for Veterans and Blind People 

Read about general benefits and services for Michigan veterans at the federal, state and local levels

View Michigan laws that apply directly to veterans

Seek out employment opportunities

Gain access to publications of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

Obtain information on federal veteran's affairs and benefits


To inquire and take advantage of the resources offered to veterans and their families nationwide; please visit the visit the United States Department of Veterans Affairs website at

Obtain information on federal veteran benefits and programs such as:

Track veteran's legislation and obtain information on related Senate and House Committees.

Apply online or download the forms for the following federal veterans benefits:

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What if my prescriptions aren't covered under my new Medicare prescription drug benefit?

Contact: Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program

Toll-free hotline 1-800-803-7174; or online at

All services are provided free of charge.

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